Schmuck Truck is a Gourmet Food Truck and mobile catering company that prides itself on creating freshly made, locally sourced dishes that encompass comfort food flavours with a street food twist.

Professionalism, integrity and above and beyond service are the ideals that drive our truck into the community where we continue to look for ways give back and support our local organizations.

We provide a full service mobile catering business that can meet your every catering need. We provide a customized service experience and amazing food, combine this with our mobile kitchen and it makes us a leader in the industry. We have the ability to bring our kitchen to you so we can prepare and serve our food hot and fresh, not heated and transported like the other guys!

We deliver creative ideas that cater to any size event, from backyard birthdays to full scale weddings, while bringing the unique experience of having your own personal Food Truck at your gathering! SchmuckNGourmet is driven by passion for creating amazing food flavours and providing everyone with locally sourced, freshly made gourmet offerings. Whatever your taste buds the Schmuck Truck will deliver fresh creations. Check out our menus and see for yourself. 


Owners Brad Schmuck and Christine Mackay have both been in the hospitality industry for over 45 years combined. Brad’s culinary experience ranges from Italian fine dining to Family style restaurants. He has been trained by many great chefs but most of his talent was passed down from his father who taught him everything from baking cakes to gourmet dinners. Now he's giving back by offering his own style of great food.  

Christine’s expertise has been in the front of house with an expansive knowledge base, starting from serving and bartending and working her way up to General Manager of very high profile franchised restaurants.  She has now made the leap to work with Brad full time to help take The Schmuck Truck and SchmuckNGourmet to new levels. She brings with her, the high level of service that is expected while still making sure that SchmuckNGourmet is also known as an approachable and down to earth business. Both Brad and Christine want to make their clients feel at ease while planning for their event.

Brad and Christine met each other while working in the industry and instantly clicked as a team.  They both bring their own style to the truck and balance each other out to create a winning combination of flavours and service. While they both worked together in the restaurant industry, the dream was to one day be their own bosses, and bring their own ideas to the table.  Well instead of a table, they got a truck! 

Brad used his own inspiration to purchase and refit a passenger bus into a fully serviced mobile kitchen now known as The Schmuck Truck. Through many trials and tribulations and a huge learning curve when it came to all the ins and outs of running a food truck, Brad worked alongside his brother for the first year of business and gained an invaluable amount of knowledge. He put that knowledge to work in the second year and grew the business while becoming well known in the area for having delicious offerings from friendly faces in The Schmuck Truck. He has created a reputation for being able to identify with his customers and truly offer that personal level of service you often look for but rarely find when dining out.